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Hello, I'm Phyl

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I'm a designer slinging paint and pixels representing the great Midwest!

Hello, I’m Phyl.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, fine artist, and illustrator from the great midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska where I also studied graphic communication and design from the University of Nebraska Omaha. If I’m not wrecking my vision in front of a screen you can catch me outdoors either running, cycling, or wandering. I love playing guitar and bass and I have a pretty wide (and often weird to some) taste of music. If you want to check out some “auditory design”, shift your ears on over here. If you’d like to check my “fine art” please don’t hesitate to swing over here.

…but enough about me cause’ I’m here for you!

Are you nervous about getting your awesome idea or brand off the ground because you’re a bit shaky on the creative perspective? I’m here to guide you through the process to ensure people know who your brand is and what your brand stands for.

Content is key! People don’t read brands, they recognize them. I’m here to help you tell your story and get your point across clearly in a way that is understood by everyone. Your brand isn’t a trend that comes and goes, I’m here to help you create a lasting identity! …That being said I’d love to get to know you, take your collection of post it notes and napkin sketches and organize them into a cohesive message that is engaging and lasting! Feel free to contact me here with any questions or proposals! Let’s give your ideas some wings!


handmade_awesomeSkillfully handcrafted visual solutions.


Here's a collection of select projects I've done. Browse some of my recent work below.

Enough passion to cure a friggin’ disease.

Rocksteady in motion, Midwest no coasting.

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